Create a short, catchy email by qw.ro

Do you have a long, cumbersome email that looks like this?



Here's an idea: Create a short, catchy email with the extension qw.ro.

for example: alex@qw.ro


This could be your name, number, business and any name that will be available with the qw.ro.


What about all the emails I already have in the mailbox?


No need to open a new account, all your emails will remain in the active mailbox.

We will direct the shortened email to automatically redirect to your existing email (Email forwarding).



When I send mail, will the recipient see the short address?


It's your choice. Gmail allows you to show a different address you have access to on the sender address (learn more).


How much does the service cost?


You can choose between 2 plans:

  1. Monthly payment – $5 / month
  2. Annual payment – $50 / year (Recommended)


Payment will be made with PayPal and automatically renewed at the end of the period. As long as you don't cancel authorization, the redirect will continue to work and you'll enjoy a short, cool email.


What will happen to my emails if I stop the service?


The emails you've already received are in your usual box. In order to receive future emails, you will need to update your contact list. After the service is stopped, those who send an email to the short address will receive an error message by return so that they know that the address needs to be updated.


Sounds cool. How do I join the short mail service?


Please contact us with the following information:

  1. The short email you want.
  2. The email address to which the mail will arrive.
  3. Would you like a monthly or yearly payment plan?


If the name you choose is free to use, we'll make the Email forwarding and send you a payment link by PayPal.

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